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Jun 1, 2015: Around 200 Vespistis joined together for three days in La Marlagne, Wépion, for the 30th anniversary of the Vespa Club Namur.

Vespa Club Namur was founded in 1951. However their activities dwindled down in 1970s. In 1985, a few enthusiastic Vespa lovers joined and revived the club under the chairmanship of Dimitri Seidoff. Vespa Club Namur and its 40 odd members continue to meet and celebrate the spirit of Vespa!

Source: L’avenir


When he was six years old, Peter Maas nabbed his grandfather’s garage key and snuck into his own future. Inside the shop, he found himself captivated by the shelves of carburetors and spark plugs, and old pictures of his grandpa’s TT racing days at Assen. From that moment on, Maas was obsessed with old things, and especially with old things that motored about on two wheels.

Upon turning sixteen, Maas bought himself a Vespa PK50. From there, one Vespa led to another and, today, he finds himself buying, selling, and restoring Vespas for a living in the Netherlands. He can now frequently be found stirring up the autumn leaves from atop his all-original GS160, an Italian-production model that exemplifies the voluptuous metal construction of the 1960s-era Vespas, Maas’s favorite.

Out of a mischievous childhood moment, Maas created a life that allows him to share his passion for vintage Vespas with others. In this video, he shares it with us. – Petrolicious

Lisbon: The Perfect Break- Telegraph UK

Jul 24. 2014: The House of Cubes in Tomar will host an exhibition of 33 scooters from July 30th to September 30. This belongs to a private collection of John Seixas

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Jul 27, 2014: Hundreds of Vespa riders gathered on the grounds of Zeche Ewald to celebrate the ‘Queen of scooters’. The three days event saw models from the initial days to the latest. For example, the Vespa with chassis number ‘1013’ owned by Peter Witzels is presumed to have been produced in the first two or three days of production of Vespa in Germany. German chassis numbers started with 1000.

Source: Hertener Allgemeine

Feb 21, 2014: The Vespa Club of Ibi organised an exhibition of Vespa scooters in the plaza Sanchis Banús to initiate new members. The Vespa Club of Ibi is based at the bar La Via, at the avenida Miguel Hernández of Ibi. The members meet every thurday at la Via.

Source: Información

“Regularity Vespa Trophy of the Northwest” will start from Bordighera, Italy on the 5th and the 6th of April. It will be managed by the Vespa Club “Riviera dei Fiori”.

Source: Vespa Club Riviera dei Fiori

Here is a trailer for an upcoming movie of a Turkish man who rode his Vespa 1969 Sprint from Turkey to London ninetimes times! This silver coloured Vespa has been ridden across entire Europe (except Albania and Finland) and North America. The cost? 8 tons of fuel, 350kgs of oil and more than 3000 hours on saddle!

Wait for the film ‘Ordu, Texas’ from 2Enduro.  This trailer is a must watch for any Vespa aficionado.

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Jan 18, 2014: The Perigord Bergerac Vespa Club held its general assembly to plan  the activities for 2014. The first event will be the motorcycle exchange at Bergerac on 22nd and 23rd February. On May 31st and June 1st the association will host participants from France and Europeans for the 6th ride “Discovery en Périgord”. The association is filming a program on the valley of the Dordogne for the television program Roots and Wings.

Source: Sud Ouest