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Vespa Belissima Night at Cavalli, Miami.

Source: Cavalli Club

The Unique Vespa 946 in bright red

The Unique Vespa 946

Vespa and Vogue Italia joined handed for the fiftieth anniversary of the Vetra Theatre in Milan to produce ‘The Unique Vespa 946’ for charity. The exclusive Vespa 946 was auctioned during a party at the famed Vetra Theatre.

Source: Vespa

The Unique Vespa 946 from rear

The Unique Vespa 946

Vespa is putting up this one off Vespa 946 Christmas Edition. The proceeds will be donated to the National Hospital for Pediatrics in Hanoi, Vietnam.


The Icon

“When I wake up in the morning, love
And the sunlight hurts my eyes
And something without warning, love
Bears heavy on my mind
Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be a lovely day
Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day”
                 -Bill Withers

Artist: Emre Gologlu
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Source: Emre Gologlu via Behance

Backstage views of the Vespa 946. Includes comments and snippets from the models.

Source: Atoberr Ato via YouTube

Oct 23, 2013: PT Piaggio Indonesia has confirmed that the entire allocation of the Vespa 946 for Indonesia is already sold out. 51 units were allotted for Indonesia. 29 units have already reached its customers. The rest 22 units is expected to be delivered by the end of November.

In Indonesia, the Vespa 946 is priced at 146 million IDR which makes it more expensive that most of the entry level cars in the market.

Source: Detik Oto

Oct 24, 2013: Vespa formally launched the 946 in USA. The Vespa 946 was presented in the Bulgari store at the prestigious 5th Avenue, Manhattan. Priced from 9,946 USD, the launch of Vespa 946 marks a new chapter in the history of Vespa USA.

Designers, fashion photographers, and journalists gathered to celebrate the  of the “Ricordo Italiano” collection of the Vespa 946. The Ricordo Italiano collection will end production in November. The production is limited to 3,600 units alone making the Vespa 946 exclusive to the lucky few.

Miguel Angel Galluzzi , director of Piaggio Advance Design Center based in Pasadena, California was also present. Vespa also officially confirmed the impending launch of an all new Vespa – Vespa Primavera.


Oct 7, 2013: Vespiario (Thailand), the authorised importer of Vespa scooters, introduced the Vespa 946. 50 units of the Vespa 946 will be imported from Italy for the Thai domestic market.

The 125cc scooter is priced at 499,000 THB including the 60% import tax.

Source: Bangkok Post

The Alitalia Dolce Vita Lounge at Fiumicino, Italy celebrated the launch of the Vespa 946. The Alitalia Dolce Vita Lounge is at Terminal 1 of the Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino airport. Vespa hostesses were available to engage the keen visitors.


Sept 20, 2013: The Vespa 946 ‘Legendario’ party was organised at Moma 56 Madrid. Some of the most promising young actors of Spain attended the event. Aure Sánchez, Wanda Obreke, Quim Gutiérrez, Bart Santana, Jorge Suquet, Laura Ledesma and Elena Martínez were present appreciating the marriage of style, technology and heritage in the new Vespa 946.

Nico Abad and Mela Chercoles or Carles Francino, commentators of Telecinco in MotoGP were also present. David Delfín, one of the most famous designers of Spain, also attended the party.

Source: Diario Critico, elEconomista