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Feb 11th, 2015: Wayne Biggs who was diagnosed with Lymphoma and is told he had months to live is riding across South Island, New Zealand in a noble and brave gesture. The ride, aptly named ‘Tiny Wheels for a Giant Cause’, aims to increase awareness and raise money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer in New Zealand.

This father of two boys in his orange T-shirt and orange Vespa  GTS reached Walter Peak, Otago yesterday.

Michael Huddleston a friend who started with Biggs on the trip had to drop off due to an unfortunate accident.

Please visit the fundraising page – – if you wish to donate to Leukaemia & Blood Cancer, New Zealand.

Source: Nelson Mail Stuff, The Biggo Trust Facebook


The Spanish site has published the images of what they think is the new Vespa Primavera. The styling is heavily inspired by the Vespa 946. It also sports a revised instrument console which harks to the instrument consoles of 70s.

Source: Tutto Motori


  1. Vespa 2014 Primavera Initial Images; Nov 05, ’13

Vespa in Bernardelli showroom


The Vespa 946 is on display in the Bernardelli stores of Mantua. The six multi-brand stores of Bernardelli are known for their keen aesthetics and elegance.

Source: Vespa

Harrods released the new Olympus PEN Art Edition. The Olympus PEN Art Edition bundle has two Olympus PEN E-P5s, prime lenses, accessories and a customised Vespa. Urban artist Susie ‘Suzko’ Lowe and fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin collaborate in this project.

Vespa PEN Art Edition

A white Vespa is hand painted by Lowe individually. A similarly themed helmet is also part of the package.

Vespa at Harrods Display

Vespa PEN Art Edition at display at Harrods – Suzko Art Facebook