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June 07, 2015: Famous Italian photographer Luca Bracali has begun his journey across Vietnam on a Vespa. This ride is a part of the project explorer initiated by himself.

“When I was a child, I dreamt of roaming by a Vespa scooter, a symbol of freedom, innocence and joie de vivre to explorers. The experience will be new and make me touched as I have travelled by different vehicles, including sleigh, balloon, car, motorcycle and even dog-sledge”, Bracali said.

He said that he will open a photo exhibition about the beauty of the land and people of Vietnam right after the journey ends.

Source: Vietnamnet

Photograph: Luca Bracali


Feb 11th, 2015: Wayne Biggs who was diagnosed with Lymphoma and is told he had months to live is riding across South Island, New Zealand in a noble and brave gesture. The ride, aptly named ‘Tiny Wheels for a Giant Cause’, aims to increase awareness and raise money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer in New Zealand.

This father of two boys in his orange T-shirt and orange Vespa  GTS reached Walter Peak, Otago yesterday.

Michael Huddleston a friend who started with Biggs on the trip had to drop off due to an unfortunate accident.

Please visit the fundraising page – – if you wish to donate to Leukaemia & Blood Cancer, New Zealand.

Source: Nelson Mail Stuff, The Biggo Trust Facebook

“There was still, thankfully, something slightly comic about travelling by Vespa”

Clover Stroud has described her road trip on a Vespa in Almeria, Spain. Clover rode from the southern village of  Rodalquilar to the natural park of ‘Karst en Yesos de Sorbas’ before riding back.

Read all about her trip at the source.

Source: The Telegraph

England: From London to Brazil on a Vespa

Chris at Porto Alegre

Die-hard football fan and Vespa aficionado Chris Hallet left his IT career to ride his Vespa from Shepherd’s Bus, England to Brazil to support England at the 2014 World Cup.

Chris started his journey in February 2014. He is in the last leg crossing Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. He has already crossed Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Visit the Facebook page for read more.

Source: ScootersforGoalposts via London24

Here is a trailer for an upcoming movie of a Turkish man who rode his Vespa 1969 Sprint from Turkey to London ninetimes times! This silver coloured Vespa has been ridden across entire Europe (except Albania and Finland) and North America. The cost? 8 tons of fuel, 350kgs of oil and more than 3000 hours on saddle!

Wait for the film ‘Ordu, Texas’ from 2Enduro.  This trailer is a must watch for any Vespa aficionado.

Source: Gas2

Jan 13, 2014: The recently revived Vespa Club Mechelen organised a ride from Winketkaai in Mechelen to Hombeek. 35 Vespa owners participated in the ride. The club will be organising more rides in the coming months.

The club meanwhile has called out for any information on the Vespa Club Mechelen which was active in the 50s.

Source: Gazet van Antwerpen

Visit for more information.

Jan 05, 2013: ‘The Lone Ranger’ star Armie Hammer has embarked on the long awaited road trip on his Vespa in a ten member group. The group set off on their journey from Sherman Oaks, California Vespa dealership. You can visit their Facebook page to keep tab of their progress!

Source: Facebook via Motorcyclistonline

Nov 09, 2013: The creative director of JWT, Hernán Rebaldería, is riding a Vespa for 12 days over 3,500 kms to Paraguay. He will be participating in the “I Encuentro Internacional” and “XV International Encuentro Vespa Club” events in Paraguay.

During the trip, Hernán will cross towns like Assisi, Cascavel, Foz do Iguaçu, Ciudad del Este and Encarnación. On the way back be will be crossing Posadas, Iguazu, South Orange and Curitiba.

Source: Exame

The Museum of Ceramics

Nov 17, 2013: Vespa Club Castello organised a ride around Alcalatén’s capital. The ridw which started from Castellón continued through La Coma in Borriol, Villafamés, Costur, and the FOIA and finally reaching Alcora. The Vespa riders gathered at the restaurant “The Other Side” for lunch before continuing to the Museum of Ceramics and the craft brewery of Alcora Montmirà. The riders tasted the five brands of beer brewed – Tombatossals, Penyagolosa Columbrete, Bresca and Roxa.

Source: Elperiodic

Vespa Riders from Vespa Club Castellón

The craft brewery of Alcora Montmirà

Surf Rider

Surf Rider

“If everyone had an ocean would all surf” – Beach Boys