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Sept 12, 2014: Naza Premira, the official distributor of Vespa in Malaysia, was launched in Malaysia.The Primavera will be powered by the 155cc 11.7hp@7500rpm engine. The torque is 12Nm @ 5000 rpm.

Four colours are offered Rosso Dragon (Red), Monte Bianco (White), Nero Vulcano (Black) and Azzurro Marechiaro (Light Blue) colours.

The Primavera is priced at RM11,888 (basic selling price). This would include one-year 10,000 km warranty.

Source: Paul Tan, Lifestyle Asia, Moto Malaya


Jul 10, 2014: The all new Primavera 125cc and 150cc and the Vespa Sprint 125cc ABS variants are launched.

The front wheel of the small bodied Vespa scooters have a ‘Speed Detection System’ which in tandem with the ‘Electro Hydraulic Control Unit’ can identify lock-ups and help in preventing them.

Source: Piaggio Group Press Release

The Vespa Sprint

Source: Vespa via Dinside


May 15, 2014: Piaggio has launched the Vespa Primavera and the Vespa Sprint in the Portuguese market. These scooters are the latest from the International porfolio of Vespa.

The Vespa Sprint, which replaces the Vespa S, boasts of sporty design details including the familiar rectangular headlights. Three engines options are available – 50cc two-stroke, 50cc four-stroke and the 150cc four-stroke. The Vespa Sprint 50cc is available at 3,270 Euros and the Vespa Sprint 150cc is sold at 4,140 Euros.

The Vespa Primavera is named after one amongst the most popular Vespa models of yore. The Primavera is also available with 50cc two-stroke, 50cc four-stroke and 125cc four-stroke engines. The prices are 3,100 Euros for the 50cc and 3,875 Euros for the 125cc four-stroke engines.

Source: Luso Motores

Apr 18, 2014: Vespa officially announced the launch of Vespa Sprint in Vietnam. The new Vespa Sprint replaces the Vespa S. The Vespa Sprint is available with both 125cc and 150cc engines. The trapeziodal headlights, rear view mirrors inspired by the Vespa 946, unique seats are some of the unique highlights of the Vespa Sprint.

The 125cc engine has 9.6bhp@7,750rpm and a torque of 9.5Nm@6,000rpm. The 150cc engine has 11.7bhp@75000rpm and 12Nm@5000rpm. The scooter is 1860mm long and has a wheelbase of 1340mm. Seat height is 790mm.

The Sprint retails at 71.8 million VND for 125cc and 85.35 VND for the 150cc variant. It is available in five colours – white, red, black, green and titanium gray.

Source: VnEconomy, Dantri


Vespa launched the new Vespa Sprint inspired by the iconic Vespa scooters from the 60s.

The Vespa Sprint follows the S line in its styling. Rectangular headlights, new rear view mirrors, the new 12” wheels and the revised seats with the elegant grab rail are the highlights.

The rectangular headlights which seems to draw its inspiration the Vespa Special 60.The subtle red details through the scooter harks to the sporty lineage.

The scooter sports a YSS front suspension, front disc brakes combined with rear drum brakes, a new analogue/digital instrument panel, LED sidelights and brake lights, and of course the new far superior monocoque body.

Four engine options are available on the Vespa Sprint – 50cc two and four stroke, 125cc and 150cc. The 125cc and the 150cc are both four-stroke, three-valve units.

The prices are 2,720 Euros for the 50cc 2T, 2,820 Euros for the 50cc 4T, 3,700 Euros for the 125cc and 3.900 Euros for the 150cc.

Source: Vespa

Vespa Sprint – Legendary by Birth

A video on the newly launched Vespa Sprint from Vespa.

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Source: Vespa

Source: Vespa