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Feb 02, 2015: As the new Ford Focus RS is being revealed, here is a hello from Vesparade!

This is a Vespa S 50 in the ‘Ultimate Green’ colour of the outgoing Ford Focus RS Mark II, done by Piet van Iersel Tweewielers,Tilburg, Netherlands.

Source: Piet van Iersel Tweewielers

Refer: Ford Focus RS


When he was six years old, Peter Maas nabbed his grandfather’s garage key and snuck into his own future. Inside the shop, he found himself captivated by the shelves of carburetors and spark plugs, and old pictures of his grandpa’s TT racing days at Assen. From that moment on, Maas was obsessed with old things, and especially with old things that motored about on two wheels.

Upon turning sixteen, Maas bought himself a Vespa PK50. From there, one Vespa led to another and, today, he finds himself buying, selling, and restoring Vespas for a living in the Netherlands. He can now frequently be found stirring up the autumn leaves from atop his all-original GS160, an Italian-production model that exemplifies the voluptuous metal construction of the 1960s-era Vespas, Maas’s favorite.

Out of a mischievous childhood moment, Maas created a life that allows him to share his passion for vintage Vespas with others. In this video, he shares it with us. – Petrolicious

Artists: Matteo Gallinelli and Giuliano Antonio Lo Re

Source: Behance

Frands Bauer on the Bananasplit Vespa Image: Fendert Lokaal

Apr 02, 2014: Frans Bauer, the presenter of the popular Bananasplit show, has settled on a Vespa for touring across the country. This yellow Vespa 150 is from 1966 and is owned by Eddy Sakurai, Arendonk, Belgium.

Eddy Sakurai posingon his beloved Yellow Scooter. Image from

Source: FendertLokaal,

Archive photo: Reuters via Omroep Brabant

Mar 22, 2014: June 1st, the last day of the Breda Jazz Festival will mark the inauguration of the Vespa Day. This follows the highly successful Harley Day from last year. Chris Brouwers, the chief organizer, explains that ‘it is not a snook at the Harley Day’. The event is being organised at Ginnekenweg where the Gusti Factory runs. Only Vespa scooters will be allowed in the property!

Source: Omroep Brabant

Ciao Hillegom!

Oct 21, 2013: Ciao Club Hillegom organised a ride to IJmuiden. 32 riders participated with their Vespa Ciao. The riders wore green aviator jackets (bomber jackets) for the occasion.

Source: dichtbij