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Feb 02, 2015: As the new Ford Focus RS is being revealed, here is a hello from Vesparade!

This is a Vespa S 50 in the ‘Ultimate Green’ colour of the outgoing Ford Focus RS Mark II, done by Piet van Iersel Tweewielers,Tilburg, Netherlands.

Source: Piet van Iersel Tweewielers

Refer: Ford Focus RS


Vespa scooters on display at Café Racer 69, Berlin.

Source: Café Racer 69

Scooter and Service based out of Hamburg have created this monster of a scooter based on a small body Vespa. This Vespa produces 38hp, which Scooter & Service claims, is suitable for everyday use! A heavily modified Husqvarna WR 250 engine powers this beauty.


Source: Scooter and Service via Return of the Cafe Racers via Gas 2

In 1950s, the French Vespa licensee, Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et Automobiles (ACMA), produced five hundred examples of this military vehicle. M20 recoilless rifle was integrated into a Vespa with a 150cc engine. The Vespa 150 TAP could be dropped by parachutes and was almost instantly ready for action. This vehicle was developed for the French Troupes Aéro Portées, and hence the name TAP. The Vespa 150 beated the Valmobile 100 and the Bernardet 250 to bag the order of supplying to the armed forces. There were two production runs; one in 1956 and then followed by the next in 1959.


A Vespa to smoke the roads!

Jan 08, 2014: Here are the works done with the costs involved.

Malossi Delta Clutch € 154 –
V-belt Malossi X-Kevlar € 82 –
Malossi variator kit MULTIVAR € 153 –
Front shock absorber Malossi € 239 –
Rear Shock Malossi € 299 –
cylinder / piston / head Malossi 282 cc € 879 –
Disc Malossi Wave € 109 –
silencer Akrapovic € 515 –
rear view mirror Rizoma Spirit € 139 –
seat leather Nardo € 550 –
aluminum brake lever Vespa € 174 –
Dynojet Fuel Controller € 299 –
Paint Green Metallic Matte € 850 –

Source: 1000 ps

“Motofocker” a concept presented at the Budapest Design Week 2013 is intriguing. The idea is to provide a simple, highly mobile transport solution for moving small cargo loads. This would be ideal for cargo delivery services. The steering is a simple hydraulic linkage with the front wheel. As a concept, the ‘cargo-scooter’ is truly unique and interesting.

Source: via Gigamir Agenda

After competing several years as an amateur enduro, Olivier Montesquieu, is entering the rally scene with ‘The Raid Morocco 2013‘. The original Vespa 125 is rebored to 190 cm3. Reinforced suspension, upgraded lighting and special spiked tyres to survive the desert conditions were all managed by Olivier in his own garage.

Wishing Olivier the very best…

Source: Midi Libre

Harrods released the new Olympus PEN Art Edition. The Olympus PEN Art Edition bundle has two Olympus PEN E-P5s, prime lenses, accessories and a customised Vespa. Urban artist Susie ‘Suzko’ Lowe and fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin collaborate in this project.

Vespa PEN Art Edition

A white Vespa is hand painted by Lowe individually. A similarly themed helmet is also part of the package.

Vespa at Harrods Display

Vespa PEN Art Edition at display at Harrods – Suzko Art Facebook