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June 07, 2015: Famous Italian photographer Luca Bracali has begun his journey across Vietnam on a Vespa. This ride is a part of the project explorer initiated by himself.

“When I was a child, I dreamt of roaming by a Vespa scooter, a symbol of freedom, innocence and joie de vivre to explorers. The experience will be new and make me touched as I have travelled by different vehicles, including sleigh, balloon, car, motorcycle and even dog-sledge”, Bracali said.

He said that he will open a photo exhibition about the beauty of the land and people of Vietnam right after the journey ends.

Source: Vietnamnet

Photograph: Luca Bracali


Vespa 1965

Artist: Mario Vert

Acrylic on canvas

Source: Mario Vert via Behance

Artists: Matteo Gallinelli and Giuliano Antonio Lo Re

Source: Behance

‘Walking on Sunshine’ shot in the Salento region of Puglia shows Southern Italy in its beauty. Lecce, Nardo and Torre San Giovanni appears in the movie.

Source: Financial Times, Telegraph

Source: Vespa World Days 2014

Tour to Sirmione

Source: Vespa World Days 2014



Vespa World Days 2014, Mantua, Italy

Source: Vespa World Days

The 2014 Edition of Vespa World Days is finally here!

The event starts on 12th of June and closes on 15th June. Visit the official site for details.

The traditional Vespa village is organised at Piazza Virgiliana, Mantua.

The Piazza Virgiliana
The Piazza Virgiliana


Y & R Paris, along with Coty is bringing the new Vespa range of perfumes for men and women. The fragrance is designed to evoke the feeling of riding a Vespa in the countryside or the Côte d’Azur. The ‘Scent of Freedom’ photographs by Diane Sagnier depicts the Italian lifestyle. This campaign will be limited to Sephora outlets across Europe.

Source: L’ADN

The Unique Vespa 946 in bright red

The Unique Vespa 946

Vespa and Vogue Italia joined handed for the fiftieth anniversary of the Vetra Theatre in Milan to produce ‘The Unique Vespa 946’ for charity. The exclusive Vespa 946 was auctioned during a party at the famed Vetra Theatre.

Source: Vespa

The Unique Vespa 946 from rear

The Unique Vespa 946