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German football player, Lukas Podolski, posing on a Vespa on his 30th birthday.

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Jul 27, 2014: Hundreds of Vespa riders gathered on the grounds of Zeche Ewald to celebrate the ‘Queen of scooters’. The three days event saw models from the initial days to the latest. For example, the Vespa with chassis number ‘1013’ owned by Peter Witzels is presumed to have been produced in the first two or three days of production of Vespa in Germany. German chassis numbers started with 1000.

Source: Hertener Allgemeine

Vespa scooters on display at Café Racer 69, Berlin.

Source: Café Racer 69

Title: “Green Vespa”

Artist: Monika Godsmark

Mixed media (mostly colored pencil) on paper. 40 x 60 cm.

Source: Monika Godsmark via Behance

Scooter and Service based out of Hamburg have created this monster of a scooter based on a small body Vespa. This Vespa produces 38hp, which Scooter & Service claims, is suitable for everyday use! A heavily modified Husqvarna WR 250 engine powers this beauty.


Source: Scooter and Service via Return of the Cafe Racers via Gas 2

Feb 16, 2014: Vespa Club Giessen put up a classic Vespa display at the Moto Expo. The Expo which drew 8000 visitors was a success.

Source: Giessen-allgemeine

Source: Christoph Giessing via Vimeo

Nov 06, 2013: Sebastian Vettel, the four time F1 champion, was working on restoring a vintage Vespa in his spare time. The progress, by his own admission, is a little slow.

“I rode in my first grade, as my father bought a mini-Vespa for my sister and me. At my first ride in the yard it was freezing, and I shaking so bad that I fell as a result of ‘Lenkerpendelns'” – Sebastian Vettel

Once a Vespista, always a Vespista…



Germany: Vespa fever!

Sven Mader, an avid collector of Vespa, with some of his collection. Models from 1950s to 1980s are his favourite.

Source: Buerstaedter-zeitung