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June 06, 2015: Meet Dominique Delavenne from La Rivière-Drugeon  is passionate about his two Vespa scooters – 1956 &1957.

“It is heavy these pétrolettes. Question consumption, they drink a little bit anyway, but comfort issue suspensions, the Vespa was the DS of the time!”

Source: L’est Republican


Dec 03, 2014: Thirty bikers, accompanied by some evergreen cars from the last century like the 2CV, 4CV, Volkswagen Beetle, Mercedes Cabrio and a Triumph set out from Villegailhenc, France on a beautiful Autumn sunny day. But in Aragon, the Vespa showed signs of trouble. After a few repeated attempts the group continued after mounting the Vespa on a trailer. They crossed Saissac, Villemagne, and reached Cabardès.


May 17th, 2014: Vespa Club du Bassin D’Aracachon organised the 14th edition of Vesparcachonnaise on 17th and 18th of May. Saturday was for the sightseeing and picnics while Sunday was for the Vespa Rally. What better way to explore the bay!

Visit to know more about this club.

Source: SudOuest

In 1950s, the French Vespa licensee, Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et Automobiles (ACMA), produced five hundred examples of this military vehicle. M20 recoilless rifle was integrated into a Vespa with a 150cc engine. The Vespa 150 TAP could be dropped by parachutes and was almost instantly ready for action. This vehicle was developed for the French Troupes Aéro Portées, and hence the name TAP. The Vespa 150 beated the Valmobile 100 and the Bernardet 250 to bag the order of supplying to the armed forces. There were two production runs; one in 1956 and then followed by the next in 1959.


Jan 18, 2014: The Perigord Bergerac Vespa Club held its general assembly to plan  the activities for 2014. The first event will be the motorcycle exchange at Bergerac on 22nd and 23rd February. On May 31st and June 1st the association will host participants from France and Europeans for the 6th ride “Discovery en Périgord”. The association is filming a program on the valley of the Dordogne for the television program Roots and Wings.

Source: Sud Ouest

The Burberry Vespa

A Pink Vespa with Burberry detailing. Spotted on a side street in St. Tropez, France.

Source: Classic Bride

After competing several years as an amateur enduro, Olivier Montesquieu, is entering the rally scene with ‘The Raid Morocco 2013‘. The original Vespa 125 is rebored to 190 cm3. Reinforced suspension, upgraded lighting and special spiked tyres to survive the desert conditions were all managed by Olivier in his own garage.

Wishing Olivier the very best…

Source: Midi Libre

The Scootentole association and the Retro Scooter Club Nivernais are organising the 2nd edition of the 10-hour endurance on October 20. 35 Teams will be participating in the race with their Vespa and Lambretta scooters. The race will be held on the historic track of Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours.

The race is designed with a relay of minimum of 65 minutes between team members.


Sept 09, 2013: Meet Fabien Raymond and Orio Gwenaël, auto-entrepreneurs from Celles-sur-Belle. They restore vintage Vespa scooters and claim to have worked on all Vespa model tills date except the Vespa TAP!

A 1963 Vespa V5A and a 1959 Vespa N were on display in the shop. A Vespa 400 meanwhile waits inside the garage waiting its turn!

Fabien Raymond hails from a family who have been working on watches for generations. Fabian started the business while Orio joined later. Their workshop is one of the few which is specialised on Vespas in the region.

Source: la Nouvelle Republique

Piaggio has confirmed the launch of the revised Liberty 125 3V for late September. The vehicle will cost 2,499 Euros. Blalck, white, blue and brown colour options are available.


The new price marks a significant drop from the 3,000 Euros charged for the previous Liberty.