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June 06, 2015: Meet Dominique Delavenne from La Rivière-Drugeon  is passionate about his two Vespa scooters – 1956 &1957.

“It is heavy these pétrolettes. Question consumption, they drink a little bit anyway, but comfort issue suspensions, the Vespa was the DS of the time!”

Source: L’est Republican


Feb 02, 2015: As the new Ford Focus RS is being revealed, here is a hello from Vesparade!

This is a Vespa S 50 in the ‘Ultimate Green’ colour of the outgoing Ford Focus RS Mark II, done by Piet van Iersel Tweewielers,Tilburg, Netherlands.

Source: Piet van Iersel Tweewielers

Refer: Ford Focus RS

When he was six years old, Peter Maas nabbed his grandfather’s garage key and snuck into his own future. Inside the shop, he found himself captivated by the shelves of carburetors and spark plugs, and old pictures of his grandpa’s TT racing days at Assen. From that moment on, Maas was obsessed with old things, and especially with old things that motored about on two wheels.

Upon turning sixteen, Maas bought himself a Vespa PK50. From there, one Vespa led to another and, today, he finds himself buying, selling, and restoring Vespas for a living in the Netherlands. He can now frequently be found stirring up the autumn leaves from atop his all-original GS160, an Italian-production model that exemplifies the voluptuous metal construction of the 1960s-era Vespas, Maas’s favorite.

Out of a mischievous childhood moment, Maas created a life that allows him to share his passion for vintage Vespas with others. In this video, he shares it with us. – Petrolicious

Vespa scooters on display at Café Racer 69, Berlin.

Source: Café Racer 69

Scooter and Service based out of Hamburg have created this monster of a scooter based on a small body Vespa. This Vespa produces 38hp, which Scooter & Service claims, is suitable for everyday use! A heavily modified Husqvarna WR 250 engine powers this beauty.


Source: Scooter and Service via Return of the Cafe Racers via Gas 2

Watch the New Orleans Scooter Cooperative as they go about preparing their Vespa for the cannonball.

Source: 5 Davis Street on Vimeo

A Vespa to smoke the roads!

Jan 08, 2014: Here are the works done with the costs involved.

Malossi Delta Clutch € 154 –
V-belt Malossi X-Kevlar € 82 –
Malossi variator kit MULTIVAR € 153 –
Front shock absorber Malossi € 239 –
Rear Shock Malossi € 299 –
cylinder / piston / head Malossi 282 cc € 879 –
Disc Malossi Wave € 109 –
silencer Akrapovic € 515 –
rear view mirror Rizoma Spirit € 139 –
seat leather Nardo € 550 –
aluminum brake lever Vespa € 174 –
Dynojet Fuel Controller € 299 –
Paint Green Metallic Matte € 850 –

Source: 1000 ps

Belgium: Tartoer for pasties and Vespa!

Brother sister duo of Sanne and Anke Tartoer have merged their passions at Tartoer, Antwerp. Anke loves cakes, while her brother Sanne adores Vespa scooters. Sanne bought his first Vespa at the age of sixteen. Their parents chip in as well. Their father is good at repairing Vespa scooters while their mother helps Anke in her baking.

Customers can rent a Vespa at the shop for a good ride around. Fans can even purchase scooters at the shop with certain ‘special jobs’ from Sanne.


Catalan Bel & Bel, a designer firm specialising in motorcycles and motorcycle related items, has customised a Segway to create this vintage Vespa style Segway. The handlebar, shield, fenders and mirrors are classic Vespa features. Please note the mudguards! There are no technical changes over a Segway. However customers could opt for their own customisation and colours. The price for this beauty? 2,899 Euros.


“Motofocker” a concept presented at the Budapest Design Week 2013 is intriguing. The idea is to provide a simple, highly mobile transport solution for moving small cargo loads. This would be ideal for cargo delivery services. The steering is a simple hydraulic linkage with the front wheel. As a concept, the ‘cargo-scooter’ is truly unique and interesting.

Source: via Gigamir Agenda