Eddi Prabandono next to his art installation

Dec 09, 2013: Eddi Prabandono’s art installation titled ‘After Party #3: Living the High Life’ is on display at the South East Asia Plus (SEA+) Triennale exhibition at Jakarta’s National Gallery.

The twisty, almost whimsical lines of his creation were picked for its element of suprise and fun. Eddi wanted his creation to leave the viewer with a feeling of intrigue. Eddi took a month to complete the installation which is 6.4m by 3.4m in size.

“‘Living the High Life’ is inspired by motion and the sense of drive behind it. While this goes specifically to the scooter as a vehicle, it also particularly describes the perennial sense of movement that comes with life,” Eddi Prabandono remarked.

Eddi has displayed this installation in Singapore also.

Source: The Jakarta Globe