Vespa Galleria: The main elliptical stand across the display box

Nov 28, 2013: The new Vespa Galleria at Bangkok is a place any Vespa afficionado should visit. The vibrant and adventurous interplay of colours along with Vespa memorabilia, posters, scooters and vintage models gives it a unique and energetic appeal. Apart from the sales space, the showroom boasts of a merchandise shop, an exhibition space for old Vespa models and service facilities.

The sales counter with the ‘wall’ on which hundreds of miniature models are mounted is brilliant.

Supermachine Studio, the designers, claims that the Vespa Galleria is the first of its kind in the region. The design team consists of Pitupong Chaowakul along with Korakot Meesatien, Yupadee Suvisith and Jetsada Phongwasin.


Vespiario(Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Location: Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok, Thailand

Area: 690 m2

Design: Supermachine Studio

Design Team: Pitupong Chaowakul with Korakot Meesatien, Yupadee Suvisith and Jetsada Phongwasin

Contractor: New Siam First

Designers’ speak:

“With the consistent economic growth, Asia has become the strong market for a beloved brand of scooters, Vespa. The Italian brand has been investing heavily on the manufacturing and sale facilities in the region including building factories, upgrading and expanding showrooms. Vespa Galleria is one of the first pilot projects of its type in the region. Being more than just showroom and sales space, Vespa Galleria includes scooter showroom, merchandise shop, scooter service and small exhibition space into one.

For Bangkok branch, the given concept is tweaked away from being a little “corporate” to a more playful space by using curved brick wall mixing with graphics of different generation of Vespa advertisement posters. Entering through the framed display box, the main sales space remains bright white as requested from the brand. The new models of scooters are main display in radial on the ellipse stand.  Deeper inside, the space is curved continuously into the “Vespa Green” exhibition showing collection of old and special edition of Vespa scooters.

For us, designer, “Vespa”, with its long history, is more than just a scooter. It is a culture, a life style. We try to add different dimension of Vespa into the project. Behind the sales counter, the bricked wall becomes the scooter walls. Hundreds of tiny models of Vespa are sticked on to it creating the back drop for the full size one in front. Above the counter, we install the big cylinder lamp custom made from the blown up vintage Vespa advertisement.”

Source: Supermachine (Supermachine Blog)

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Front facade

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Front facade

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Elliptical Display Area

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Graphics of Vespa posters

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Display Area with the wall behind

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Display Area and merchandise shop

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Merchandise shop

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Main reception

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Wall with hundreds of Vespa miniatures

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Sales area

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – Vespa Wall

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – ‘Vespa Green’ Exhibition space

Vespa Galleria, Bangkok – ‘Vespa Green’ Exhibition space